Thursday, August 25, 2011

the Cobs

My rule-abiding child pictured above.

This week has been a crazy one for me at work, and the kids have been patient with me, which I appreciate. On Wednesdays I don't usually work, but I had to go do a court appearance and so a friend from our co-op agreed to take our kids. I realized I had forgotten a file I needed for court at my office, and so on the way to my friend's house, I stopped at the office to run in and grab it.

I told the kids I would leave them in the car and be right back. Nat asked where I was parking, and I assured him the curb wasn't red, which I often have to do. After we were done discussing parking tickets, he said, "I hope the cobs don't come." I said, "cobs?" He explained, "Yeah, mom, like the police. The cobs." I said that cops don't usually issue parking tickets; those are the parking enforcement people. He said, "no, the cobs give you a ticket when you leave kids in the car." Who teaches him these things?

Some photos follow.

At the Albany bulb with our Krista:

In Utah with cousin Nico ("Neekey!"), who was a very urgent and oft-repeated topic of conversation around our house after this trip. "Neekey? Where Neekey?"

At Ya-Ya's house:

Big Papi, or "Pocky," as Maud calls him.

Nat was really sad to be leaving Utah, so Maud comforted him:

Jim and Marie's kids intermingling with mine in Fremont, Utah. So happy (me. and them.).

Jim's family's house in Fremont was one of my favorite parts of our trip. This was my favorite, the fake flowers over the sign that starts, "This is a very special place..." True.

This is the least pretty view we saw while we were there. Seriously.

Home again.

Nat likes taking pictures with my iPhone and some of them I really like:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maud the Strong

Here is a great picture of our Maud and her upper body strength. For those of you who have not spoken with her recently you will be happy to know that she has a deep vocabulary: Nat, daduh, momma (her favorite), outside, Tina, Hawa, water, bicycle, cat, dog, that, chicken, thank you, and, ball, bottle, doll, car, ugh (second favorite), momma (for milk), water (for any liquid). There are probably others that I have not heard.

Now if you want to hear her say these words don't call, because she becomes very quiet when ask to speak. Instead imagine a sweet high voice that lops off either the first or second part of the above word and add an extra 'd' sound to the beginning of the word. She is also very sweet and is known to give random hugs to others.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Story for Nat's Birthday

Okay, I know Nat had his birthday almost a month ago, which is when I started this post. I'll include pictures from his birthday and party with the following story, in honor of Nat's four-year-old imagination:

On the way to our friends' house this evening (in early March), Nat told me he was making up a story and he would tell it to me on the way home. And, three hours later, as soon as we got in the car and drove "into the darkness," he started to tell it. Here's the story he told me, as best as I can remember it, and believe me, I really wish I could remember all of it!

"One night in the darkness, I was in your room and ... Mama, this part is sneaky. And a little scary. I went into the kitchen and it was dark and you weren't there. There was a babysitter. I went into Maudie's room and got my Batman costume. Then I went into the living room and got my fasternator that makes things go slower so you can stay a long time. And then I got really small and went under the red couch. I got really small using a magical way. And then I went under the front door. And this time I was older than Lewis because I was born first. I was 5. And I went to the building where Lewis was, and this time we were both Batmans. And we went to save Amelia and Linden. .... We had to break the window because there were no elevators and no doors in the building and we had to get to them. And I carried Linden out and he didn't say anything. And everything was okay and we got back in the fasternator. The end."

Birthday Nat:

He asked for Buzz Lightyear and got it. He was pretty excited.

Can you throw a party from a seated position?

Shane made the cake. It was plate-licking good.

The highlight of the party: a plane pinata, which Nat first requested one week after his 3rd birthday.

Pinata attackers.

The end.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So, Mariel which background is more appealing?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old People

Check out those wrinkles. Maudie is really old before her time. I think it's all the sour grass we let her eat.

More sour grass. It's a prolific weed around here and the stems taste sour. Both of the kids identify it on on sight and ask for it, in Maudie's case with grunting and the word "more" over and over. Then Nat picks some for her and some for himself. He's really sweet with her.

Our friend Andie gave Nat this Spiderman costume and it's been the big favorite for weeks now. He and Lewis have had lots of negotiations about who gets to wear it when!

This is one Mama's girl that has been hanging out with her Daddy a lot lately. But she calls him "Mama" half the time, so even when she chooses him over me, she's reminding him how great I am.

Nat and Krista. The second picture is at the event at Davis that Krista organized called "Gays and Mormons Unite." It was an excellent and memorable event -- for me, because of its substance, and for Nat, because Edgar brought cookies.

This kid turns four this week! This is him wearing his stylin' new church outfit that Nana and Papa sent. He could not wait to wear the tie to church, and fought hard against putting on a jacket because he didn't want to cover up the tie. We finally convinced him that since it was raining, the tie would get ruined if he didn't wear a jacket.

He's so grown up now. He told me that the heater goes on "automatically," and he uses the word "neither." He will listen to every word of a somewhat dense book on the planet Mercury he chose at the library, and he asks so many questions. What do the numbers (on the odometer) in the car mean? What are the pedals called in the car? How many are there? What do they do? How does the car know when to go? He reminds me of things I said we needed at the store, he tells me which direction to turn to get home, he tells me not to talk on the phone in the car because it's illegal...I'm thinking he can start babysitting his sister now. Right?

Nat writing his name on Valentines for his friends at school. Maud, carrying one of her favorite things in the world, which are, in no particular order, but all clearly loved far and above other things: cell phones, water bottles, cups, dumping the liquid contents of a cup on the floor, containers with lids, her doll, balls, and music. I took her to Primary at church today (Sunday School for kids ages 3-12), and she climbed right up on the bench, sat with her feet swinging a foot off the ground, and swayed and moved her arms to the music. She's getting old, too, this 14 month old. She climbs right up on a tricycle twice her size, up and down stairs with hardly a misstep, seems to learn a new word every day, and has begun telling us when she is pooping. She loves to carry her dirty diaper and put it in the trash can.

This is her look that says, "Actually, mom, I'll be the one babysitting my brother anytime now."

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Kids

Decided to go for spot-on with the blog post title. Especially since Shane and I have had a little war for months now over the background design of this blog and I don't want any kind of fancy title punning to distract him from the glory that is this orange background. At least you can read the words and see the pictures, right? Support me in the comments, folks, let's see your votes. (Really, with our blog, it's more like folk singular --we love you, Mariel!)

Now the main event:
  • The kids have been playing really well together. This morning they bounced a bouncy ball all over the kitchen and laughed, then played on Nat's bed for a half an hour. I love seeing them cracking each other up. Or cracking us up.

Why are you interrupting us?

  • A quotable Nat, to a babysitter: "I have a superhero power that I can get a lot of [parking] tickets all day long and tear them all up!" (WHO is this kid's mother?)

Don't worry, after this super hero destroys the parking tickets, he can be very sweet:

  • Tonight, I laid down with Nat when I tucked him in. I told him a story, and then he said, "let's both close our eyes, Mama." That sounded good to me. About 3 minutes later, I realized I was falling asleep, and stirred a little. It was 8:00, and I had work to do. Nat turned to me and whispered, "Let's close our eyes for one more minute." He sounded just like the parent. I slept until 11:30.
  • Today, Maud said "water bottle" twice. Well, "wa-wa bottl" is more like it, but still. She's obsessed. The kid won't take a pacifier or a baby bottle, but she's all about the water bottles.

So reverent.

  • We got some new dress-ups this weekend at the thrift store and Nat and Lewis had fun today. After they put on dresses, Nat said, "We're the princesses, and you're the princesses' mom, and Maudie is the witch. What is the princesses' mom called?" I said, "the queen?" And he said, "no..."

Maud is fairly busy these days. She has lots of things to move, carry, investigate, climb, or try to eat:

The mustard bottle went right in her mouth.

Nat's lunch box.

Had to move where we kept the tinfoil.

She does not like to sit down unless it's on our laps. Even in the tub, she crouches like a future ninja.

You can't turn around for too long, or she will climb up whatever is around. Or out.

Doesn't this picture look like an unusually smiley farmer posing with his truck?

The end.